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   Grove Green last Sat road closure    March 27, 2019

As Grove Green residents are well aware chaos occurred  on Sat 23 March when KCC slipped in an extra day of road closure on New Cut Road and Grovewood Drive North with little warning. Sun 24 March had been advertised as a road closure on New Cut Road/Grovewood Drive North to allow the zebra crossing to be finished with a non-slip surface.  KCC’s decision to close the road on Saturday was relayed to the parish council at 17.08pm on the Friday, so outside office hours. KCC has said that it put up some local notices ton Friday evening however most residents did not know about the closure until they tried to enter or leave the estate.

Chairman Bob Hinder contacted KCC concerning the total lack of advance notification and any thought about inconvenience to the residents and public. KCC who have promised that they have learnt a lesson and will be properly organised in the future. The reason for the Saturday KCC closure was to undertake work on the roundabout, KCC's response to the parish council is that it was a good 'opportunity' to get some work that was needed done.

KCC has notified the parish council that as the road was opened before the bitumen was fully set that there will have to be more work done to repair some damage but this will take place overnight with traffic lights installed and the parish council and residents will be informed well in advance.


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