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   Grovewood Drive South restrictive no parking consultation    January 9, 2019

Within the next couple of days a questionnaire will be landing on the mats of residents living within an area that is being considered for restrictive no parking.

This questionnaire is being delivered and collected by volunteers and it would be greatly appreciated if

a) residents promptly complete the questionnaire

b) the completed questionnaire is placed by the door so it is to hand when the collector calls.

The following is an explanation on why the parish council is consulting residents please if you live within the proposed area (see list of roads below) and if you have a view then now is the time to make sure it is known.

A big thank you to the volunteers who are giving up their free time to make this consultation happen.



Dear resident/s

As you live within the boundary of the area that is being proposed for possible restricted parking (see overleaf) the parish council is seeking your opinion so that it can notify Kent County Council of what the people who are most affected by parking or possible restrictions think and want. 

Why is the parish council undertaking the consultation?

The reaction of local residents to the STEM School planning application and the depth of feeling on the parking issues in the Grove Green area indicates that residents want action and importantly that they want to be involved in decisions on issues that will directly impact on them. The parish council is being asked for its views but it considers that residents, where at all possible, should be part of a decision making process.

What will Boxley Parish Council do with the responses?

It will collate the responses in a report, which will be made available to residents, and present it to the KCC officers responsible for designing the scheme. KCC will have to undertake a legal consultation of its own but this is after a scheme has been drawn up and the parish council wants to provide you, the community, with the opportunity to influence the design and restrictions.

How do I get involved?

Please carefully read the briefing notes and then complete the questionnaire which will be picked up from you by a volunteer approximately 3-5 days after delivery. Alternatively, you can post the response back to the parish council at the address below or scan and return it via e-mail to enquiry@boxleyparishcouncil.org.uk.

Who can ‘vote’?

Any person who is listed as an elector at a property within the restricted no parking boundary. If more than one adult is responding from your property please make this clear in your return. The questionnaire will ask for the property postcode but no other information and you are asked not, unless question 3 requires it, to add your name or house number etc.

General Data Protection Regulations. As most responders are not being asked for the address of their property (just the post code) and are not being asked for personal data anyone handing in their questionnaire is not affected by GDPR. If, however personal data is received for example you e-mail your response to the parish council or respond specifically to questions about specific parking needs then this information and all questionnaires received will be destroyed 6 months after the production of the report. This six month period allows for additional information to be provided to KCC should it be required etc.


The following information is provided to help you consider your response.

  • Funding for the Road Traffic Orders to introduce restricted parking is being provided by the developer. There is no guarantee that if the offer is refused that KCC will fund or introduce a similar scheme in the future. Until this external funding was secured KCC would not consider introducing yellow lines to stop parking as its criteria for intervention requires evidence of a history of personal injuries to pedestrians to prove a need.
  • If yellow lines were only introduced on Grovewood Drive South (which currently has large scale non-resident parking) then it is probable that the cars will park in adjacent roads and closes where there is no time restricted parking.
  • Enforcement of restricted yellow lines, by the issuing of fines, will affect any vehicle parked on them, no allowances are made that it may be a visitor to your home or even the property owner’s vehicle.
  • Due to experiences in other development, including schools, the developer’s agent is proposing the period of restricted parking, to prevent students/staff parking, during the day.  The hours of restriction they are proposing are 11am – 1pm, Monday to Friday. The reason for a 2 hour period is that students/staff may only attend either morning or afternoon lessons and the two hours will cover their leaving and arriving for both these sessions.

List of roads being proposed for restrictive parking: Barley Fields,  Blacksmith Drive,  Clarence Court Road,   Cobnut Close,  Coulters Close,  Farrier Close ,  Franklin Drive, Gleaners Close,  Grovewood Drive South,  Harvesters Way,  Restharrow,  Samphire Close,  Shearers Close,  Wagoners Close,  Wheatfields

The parish council keeps in contact with residents using its website, noticeboards, Facebook and also a community e-mail alert system. If you wish to sign up to receive e-mails please see the parish council’s website for further information.

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