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   Reinstatement of Speed Cushions - The Street, Boxley    January 8, 2019


“This is an early warning message to let you know that, as part of the on-going maintenance and improvement of the highway network, Kent County Council will be working in The Street and Boxley Road, Boxley, between the southern village gateway and the Boxley Water Treatment Works (Near Styles Lane). We will reinstate the speed cushions following the carriageway surface treatment carried out in June 2018 and will also carry out other associated maintenance works while we are there.


These speed cushion replacement works, and other works are programmed to start on the Saturday 16th February 2019  (School holidays) and should take up to 9 days to complete.

These activities will be undertaken during a working window between the hours of 7am and 7pm.


During these essential works it will be necessary to close the road completely so that we can carry out the works safely for both the workforce and road users. The diversion route(s) will be as follows:



Alternative route via Pilgrims Way, Lidsing Road, Westfield Sole Road, A2045 Walderslade Woods, A229 Junction 3, Taddington Wood roundabout, A229 Bluebell Hill Slip Link Bridge, Lord Lees Roundabout, Bluebell Hill Slip (on), Blue Bell Hill, Chatham Road (off), Cobtree Roundabout, Chatham Road, Running Horse Roundabout, Sandling Lane, and Boxley Road.



(Boxley Road), Sandling Lane, Running Horse Roundabout, Chatham Road, Cobtree Roundabout, Chatham Road (on), Blue Bell Hill, Blue Bell Hill Slip off, Lord Lees Roundabout, Blue Bell Hill Link Bridge, Taddington Wood, Roundabout, A229 Junction 3, A2045 Walderslade Woods, Westfield Sole Road, Lidsing Road and Pilgrims Way.


(Please see attached diversion drawings for your further information).


What we plan to do

Following surfacing of the carriageway in June 2018, we are returning to reinstate the speed cushions. This will involve excavating a small area of carriageway to bond the speed cushion to it. A short period of time will be required for the material securing the speed cushion to cure. These works are relatively simple, and we will work progressively throughout the road until all speed cushions are reinstated keeping noise and disruption to an absolute minimum. We will also take the opportunity, while the road is closed, to carry out other associated maintenance works, such as adjusting the ironwork (gullies, manholes etc) to bring it flush with the new surface course, accommodation works to the speed table, drainage works, and any other necessary highway maintenance works”.


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