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NewsTue, 22nd January 2019

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   Response to MA/18/506609    January 8, 2019

The Parish Council strongly objects to the application and requests, if the Planning Officer is minded to recommend approval, that it is reported to the Planning Committee.


The reasons for objection are:


  • This proposal is contrary to the Maidstone Local Plan.  The Parish Council considers that the Section 106 Agreement (23 April 2014) and Condition 5 of the 16/507292 planning permission should be enforced and the LNR created.


  • NPPF 15 170 clearly requires that planning decisions should
    • “contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by……:”
    • “Protecting and enhancing valued landscapes, [and] site of biodiversity”
    • “minimising impacts on and providing net gains for biodiversity”


  • The whole area, to the north of Bearsted Road and around Popes Wood, forms part of a valuable wildlife corridor with many varied ecosystems with the potential to enhance this once the promised woodland nature reserve is created.


  • The proposal substitute Hockers Lane Nature Reserve has areas of Ancient Woodland,  protected under current legislation, and is currently not under any threat of development.  The natural and local environment protection offered by the NPPF would probably stop any development of this site.


  • The proposed management of the substitute Hockers Lane Nature Reserve will destroy existing valuable ecosystems resulting in a net loss of habitats and biodiversity.


  • The current local nature reserve land has been brutally managed with close mowing and animal barriers installed.  This has been to the detriment of the wildlife corridor and local wildlife.  However, with proper design and management this current site could compliment and enhance the biodiversity and wildlife opportunities in the whole area.


The Parish Council sees no value or gain in allowing a change to the location of the current local nature reserve as this will only result in a reduction in the biodiversity of the whole area.  The relocation is solely to allow development of the current site for the financial gain of the landowner.

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