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   Gleamingwood Drive footpaths and alleyways    September 19, 2018
Complaints have been made about the condition of the footpaths/alleyways between the houses and garage blocks on the Gleamingwood Drive residential area and I thought a little clarification may help. Apologies but I am going to have to make some general statements but will happily gives more information if a resident contacts the parish office. The alleyways between/behind houses are private and belong to the houses that they serve, this is contained within the deeds of your house. People have right of access to the alleyways but they are, like the garage block areas, privately owned. In effect this means that residents have the responsibility for keeping them free of litter and for their general upkeep. It is very rare that Local Authority's undertake work on private property, so any litter dumped or flytipping has to be cleared by the residents. Maidstone Borough Council sponsors local litter picks organised by residents, loaning equipment and picking up collected rubbish, but it has to be organised locally. Last year MBC and Boxley Parish Council arranged a litter pick and if anyone is interested in trying to raise a community event then please contact the parish office. Maidstone Borough Council is responsible for the play area and open space and if there are issues there then please report them to MBC.
The private footpaths/alleyways put in by the original developers were not a good idea and the parish council has not been able to identify a possible way to change their status so many apologies but unless individual residents take care of their little bits or a community group comes together then the litter and weed problem is not going to go away. Is there anyone out that wanting to see if they can get a group together? Honest, from one who already volunteer litter picks Waldersalde Woods Road, it is quite satisfying, frustrating but satisfying. 
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