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NewsThu, 22nd February 2018

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   Public Inquiry School New Cut    February 5, 2018

Official notification won’t be sent out for approx. a month however the date has been set as starting in the week commencing 21 May, currently it is a little unclear whether it will be Monday 21 or Tuesday 22nd. An update will be posted as soon as the official letter arrives. The location is yet to be agreed but it might be the Town Hall in Maidstone.  

The appeal will be dealt with at a Public Inquiry which means the public can attend and at the discretion  of the Planning Inspector the public may be invited to speak but only on a certain day/time. The call for speakers may come at any time and depending on the speed of  the inquiry may be moved forward without warning. If you are not there when the inspector decides to hear evidence from the public then the opportunity has gone.  This type of hearing could last between 2 and 5 days and you can come and go as you like as long as you do so quietly and respectfully and leave in one of the breaks etc.

The Planning Inspector is an independent person and as this is a legal hearing there are certain rules and regulations and it is strictly controlled, for example the Inspector cannot mix with anyone over a tea or lunch break. It can seem a little daunting but you soon get use to the formality.

This is not going to be a ‘normal’ Public Inquiry because Maidstone Borough Council did not make a decision on the planning application, the applicant appealed on the grounds that MBC had taken too long to make a decision. The parish council hasn’t attended an inquiry using this appeal reason before but in normal circumstances each side gives evidence and is then cross examined by lawyers acting for the applicant and (normally) the Borough Council’s Solicitor representing the MBC case. The applicant will come with an  army of experts and MBC with its officers.

The parish council will be attending for the full inquiry and someone will be making a statement and the  most important part of the parish council’s role is to make sure that the conditions needed to try to mitigate the parking impact are clearly highlighted etc.  The parish council understands that the applicant may be coming to the inquiry with the argument that it does not have to meet any planning conditions.

Once further details on the date and location of the appeal is received the parish council will notify you. 

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